Protestors have scaled the Libyan embassy in Knightsbridge to protest against Colonel Gaddafi’s regime.

Up to five protesters climbed onto the roof at around 2.50am earlier today, police confirmed.

A Metropolitan police spokesman said: “They removed a flag from the flagpole and attempted to replace it with another.”

“At present those on the roof remain there.”

Two other men, who were trying to join the protesters on the roof have been arrested were arrested on suspicion of attempted trespass on diplomatic premises.

The protesters have access to one of the rooms but not to the rest of the building. Police said they were trying to negotiate a “secure a safe resolution”

The protest comes as Britain, France continue to campaign for a no-fly zone over Libya to prevent air attacks on rebels by pro-Gaddafi forces.

The Arab League also support a no-fly zone but Germany, Russia and China and The US oppose the measure.

The UN remained divided over the proposed no-fly zone in Libya as pro-Gaddafi forces closed in on the rebel stronghold of Benghazi  as pro-Gaddafi soldiers are believed to have entered the outskirts of Ajdabiya in eastern Libya in preparation to take Benghazi.

The UN resolution will be debated by the Security Council today.