150 protestors were arrested in London’s latest student demonstrations on Tuesday, Police revealed.

The latest protest protest against rises in tuition fees resulted
in renewed scuffles between police and student protestors leading to
one police officer being injured and a woman being taken to hospital
with head injuries.

Student protest police draw criticism
Violence at London student protest
More anger at student demonstration

Police said most people were arrested for breach of the peace when
they ignored requests to leave Trafalgar Square after the scheduled end
of the protest at 2pm.

Two more were arrested for public order offences, one for common
assault, one for obstructing police and three for criminal damage, a
police statement said.

The London demonstration coincided with other protests throughout
the UK including Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham as students
continue to voice their disapproval against the coalitions proposed
policies on student fees.

Numbers were down on previous student demonstrations, possibly due to the freezing weather.

There were 10 arrests in Bristol and five in Manchester but police said the protests were generally peaceful.

Police presence was upped considerably to avoid a repeat of the
chaos in central London three weeks ago when students stormed
Conservative Party headquarters resulting in commercial damage and
violent clashes.

Protests last Wednesday saw a total of 41 people arrested after demonstrators smashed a police van in Whitehall.