A 9/11 memorial has been erected in Battersea Park in South West London.

The 28ft or 8.5m sculpture is built from three sections of the World Trade Center buildings, hit by two passenger jets ten years ago this Sunday.

London Mayor Boris Johnson unveiled the poignant sculpture, which is dedicated to those killed during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

He joined former New York City Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen and US artist Miya Ando at its temporary location in Battersea Park.

Johnson said those responsible  for the attacks were "sick and deluded" and called for young people to be taught the history of the events that took place a decade ago.

Meanwhile a top al-Qaeda terrorist has been arrested in Quetta, Pakistan.

Younis al-Mauritainia was allegedly ordered by Osama Bin Laden before his death to attack giant oil tankers with explosive-packed speedboats. It is believed the CIA tracked him.