I’ll be in southern Spain this summer and was thinking of taking the ferry to Morocco to experience the African continent. However, time is limited. What is the best way to fill two or three days, considering I’ll need to start/finish in the port? Thanks! Cam, via email

There are a couple of routes between Spain and Morocco to choose from, Cam. Ferries depart from two ports on Spain’s most southerly point, Tarifa and Algeciras, and arrive in Morocco at either Tangier or the Spanish-Moroccan enclave of Ceuta.

Ceuta is a great option for a couple of days as the town is compact and full of interesting attractions. The charming centre Plaza de Africa is a great example of the town’s historic architecture, which dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries, plus there’s a maritime park there with a huge lagoon, two salt water pools, restaurants and cafes.

However, if you want to see the real Morocco and experience north African culture in a limited period of time, Tangier is arguably a more appealing destination. The old walled city and its maze of alleyways juxtaposed with the modern city of the Ville Nouvelle gives a great introduction to Morocco.

Get lost in the ancient medina, admire the Grand Socco, the large square at the medina’s entrance, stroll around the Mendoubia Gardens and people watch from one of 800-plus cafes. With a direct ferry route from Tarifa to the convenient Tangier Port at the centre of town, this is a great option for your short break.

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