Waddy – as he is better known – has lived with his owner Anne Munday in Bedfordshire, England since 1986.

Anne Munday first got Waddy when he was a month old and terribly sickly for a little kitten.

“When I got him I think he must have been the runt of the litter, he’s got no claws on his back feet,” said Munday, before adding “He was very poorly and sick when we first got him. He was back and forth to the vets in the first few weeks, he was full of infection.”

Gill Monsell, Waddy’s current vet (he’s no doubt outlived his original physician) said that despite his hugely advanced age, Waddy was in pretty good health considering.

“Mrs. Munday does a fantastic job of treating him and he is very stable on the medication.”

Being 125 years old in cat years has taken it’s toll on Wadsworth though, named for Mrs Munday’s favourite British beer.

He spends much of his time apparently lounging about the house, sleeping and occasionally grooming himself (sounds like most cats really, at least he’s got an excuse to be all but sedentary.)

Munday describes Waddy as her “little old man” which is kind of cute really.

27 is pretty old for a cat, indeed it definitely makes Waddy the oldest in the UK and quite possibly in the world at the moment, but the title of oldest cat ever goes to Creme Puff, who was 38 years old when she passed away in Texas in 2005.

Most cats are grumpy anyway, can you imagine how grumpy a 38 year old one would be? It doesn’t even bear thinking about.