Hall, who was formerly the BBC’s director of news, has been recruited to the under fire broadcaster to help steer it through its tough current times and help rebuild its reputation.

“Tony Hall has been an insider and is currently an outsider,” BBC Trust Chairman Lord Paten said os the corporation’s new appointment.

“As an ex-BBC man he understands how the corporation’s culture and behaviour make it, at its best, the greatest broadcaster in the world.

“And from his vantage point outside the BBC, he understands the sometimes justified criticisms or the corporation – that it can be inward-looking and on occasions too institutional.

“But perhaps most importantly, given where we now find ourselves, his background in news will prove invaluable as the BBC looks to rebuild both its reputation in this area and the trust of audiences.”

Entwhistle resigned after the broadcast of a Newsnight programme which led to Lord McAlpine being wrongly accused of child abuse.

Photo: Getty.