This will help the Fitpod for the perpetually un-sporty types or one for people who just need a little help getting back into the swing
of the gym.

You’ll sign a contract with yourself at the start as a promise that you’ll stick to your new exercise regime. Then, every night before bed, listen to the medically approved, 10-minute motivational recording designed to convince you to go the gym.

The aim of the game is to destroy bad habits, replacing them with positive messages that create focus on fitness goals and how to achieve them.

Despite being cynical at first, after listening for three weeks, we found we were way more into the idea of hitting the gym in our lunch break. But the best bit is that no pain-in-the-ass calorie counting is involved.

Keep listening to the recording until you’re more motivated, and then listen everytime you feel like you’re getting lazy again – you’ll
be a superfit gym bunny forever.