The little pooch went missing on February 4 from her owner Brenton Chambers’s home in Alice Springs and was found across the border on February 28 after travelling south through Ammonguna and onto Amata near South Australia’s border with the Northern Territory.

Malibue captured the hearts of local residents and social media played a role in her safe return, with people sharing her photo in a bid to find her.

In a stroke of luck she was spotted by some builders and the alarm was raised. 

In a post on Facebook Chambers’s mum Gaynor Chambers said her son was “devastated” to have lost his best friend but is “very pleased” to have her back.

She also thanked police in the Northern Territory and in South Australia.

“Thank you NT Police and SA Police for such a great result in her search and rescue. How cute is that photo, hope she gets her own little police hat.

“I did not think for one second the effect this little girl would have on our town when we purchased her, I thought she would just be a part of our lives not everyone else’s.

“Well done, Malibue, if you wanted attention sweetheart you certainly got that!” 

NT Police said they have never had such a huge response on social media to an investigation and that the discovery of Malibue highlights the effectiveness of cross-border relations between the forces.

Image via NT Police/Facebook