When going to France I thought I knew what I was going to expect when going I was certainly mistaken. France is a country that offers a lot of variety to do and has an appeal to everyone. When I was there I decided to do as much as I could and experience the full potential in which I thought France had. I never thought that I there was so much to do in the country but I was proved wrong.

There is a huge amount of sightseeing which can be done throughout the whole of France. In Paris however there seems to be the majority of monuments which are situated there and this is where I spent the majority of my time sightseeing. In Paris there are many attractions in which to see except the obvious of the Eiffel Tower (which is still amazing however may times you see it). The Louvre Museum is a fantastic collections of modern art which you could certainly spend a whole day. Also another spectacular attraction in Paris is the Arc De Triomph which is an amazing sight and one that I recommend people go and see if in Paris.

There are plenty of other attractions Paris and other parts of France which are worth seeing. In the South of France there are many ports which in the warm weather can be a brilliant walk along and also with the French restaurants can be a lovely weekend away to. After spending some relaxation time in the South of France like I did I then recommend that you do the sightseeing in Paris as it wouldn’t be a complete trip without seeing all of the memorable monuments.

Other features of France which attracted me to going there, is the Euro Disney which is a fantastic experience and a wonderful place to spend a holiday. It is better than I expected and would love to go back their again one day. It is a great place to spend your holiday and makes the trip complete.

France has a wonderful range of activates in which to do all throughout the country. From the South where you can relax in the warm weather up to the North where Euro Disney is having a fantastic time in either destination. With this comes Paris as well which offers the marvellous sights all over the city. I would highly recommend Paris as a place to go as there is so much to do there and offers something for everyone.