Having been to Greece on two separate occasions I now have been able to appreciate all of the amazing monuments which are all around the country. Greece is full of lots of unbelievable attractions from its past in which to go and see and admire. All over the country are monuments relating to the pasts of Greece and its history. In Greece I stayed in Athens which has many attractions to see and after going back there for the second time I had eventually seen all of these amazing acts of history. I highly recommend going to see all of the monuments, especially the ones in Athens which are simply brilliant. Attractions such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis are two of the greatest historic monuments in Greece and when you see them it is clear to see why.

The weather in Greece is exceptional and at times in the summer it can get extremely hot. In Athens when sightseeing you can tour around all the major monuments in one day and get a real look at Athens and what type of a place it is like.

In the evenings however it is a very different place in Greece and especially in the Greek islands where I have been before. The Islands and even parts of Athens turn’s into ‘nightlife mode’ and it has some of the wildest clubs and bars all over Europe. This shows that with the history of the country is also a new modern look within Greece. This therefore means that if looking to combine sightseeing and a good nightlife for your trip then Greece is a perfect destination in which to be able to do this.

Overall I feel that it is clear to say that Greece has a lovely combination between sightseeing and the nightlife and has an appeal to everyone. With the beautiful weather and the high quality of hotels I would highly recommend Greece to everyone as a brilliant destination to go to.