A 25-year-old unemployed British man, Keith Macdonald, is expecting his ninth and tenth children from two different women. The social benefits dependent is already the father of eight children from eight different women. Macdonald’s first child was born when he was fifteen.

Macdonald, who is unemployed and on benefits, reportedly claims he meets women while using public transport and has boasted to friends: “I pull them on the buses.” He also reportedly starts his day with a can of lager.

His latest conquests are said to include Sarah Armstrong, 19, a beautician from Chester-le-Street, who claims she is having his baby.

But Macdonald denies even knowing her – despite text messages from him on her phone.

His current girlfriend, Danielle Little, 19, who he has promised to move in with, is also expecting. She said: “We’re starting a family together.

“He’s had a bad past but people should give him a second chance. I love him to bits.”