Torre Guinigi

This tower is the focal point of Lucca’s skyline, not because of its height but rather because it oddly has a massive tree growing out of the top of it. Climbing to the top of the tower offers beautiful views over the city.

San Michele and other churches

While Lucca may not be particularly big, there are plenty of churches occupying space throughout the city. San Michele is an impressive building decked out in a multitude of columns, this church offers a spectacular façade and dominates the square surrounding it. Others worth seeing include the Duomo and San Frediano.

Piazza Anfiteatro

Built on the site of a Roman amphitheatre, this round piazza has taken some of the original elements of the amphitheatre that once stood there and is now a colourful centre of shops and cafes.

City walls

Walking or riding around the city walls is a must when in Lucca. The wide stretch of path is beautifully surrounded by trees along the four-kilometre journey.