Stoke manager Tony Pulis called the Uruguayan striker an “embarassment” at the time, but Suarez has told Argentine media that “falling” to get free kicks and penalties is part of the game.

He was quoted: “Football is like that. Sometimes you do things on the field that later you think, ‘Why the hell did I do that?’

“I was accused of falling inside the box in a match and it’s true I did it that time, because we were drawing against Stoke at home and we needed anything to win it. But after that everybody jumped out to talk – the Stoke coach and the Everton coach … I understood that the name Suárez sells [papers].”

His manager Brendan Rodgers isn’t happy at the admission after going in to bat for the player constantly.

“I’ve seen the comments and I think it is wrong,” he said. “Certainly from our perspective it is unacceptable. It is not something we advocate here. Our ethics are correct.

“I’ve spoken to Luis and he is totally understanding, and knows where I’m coming from as manager of the club. This is a big club and whatever people do say goes around the world, and what was said was wrong and not acceptable – he takes that and we move on.”

The comments follows Suarez handballing a deflection from the Mansfield goalkeeper in the FA Cup, scoring the winner and the goal somehow being allowed.

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