Hurley got ruffled when a Channel 10 reporter Caty Price started questioning fiancé Shane Warne of the Melbourne Stars.

Price went to the Perth Airport in hopes of catching the couple to ask them about a match Warne played the previous day against the Perth Scorchers.

Price attempted to engage Warne, but when he refused to answer her questions, she turned her attention on Hurley, bumping into her in the process.

“It’s rude to stand in front of people,” Hurley snapped. Price responded by asking Hurley what she thought of the Melbourne Stars’ match, which is when Hurley supposedly told the reporter to “fuck off”.

The altercation was caught on camera, and though Hurley cannot actually be heard in the video clip, her body language suggests she was extremely miffed.

Price tweeted the incident shortly after it took place, writing, “Being pushed by Liz Hurley and then told to f#*k off by her too .. Fair to say the Stars aren’t happy this morning #bbl”.

Prior to the incident, Hurley seemed in a positive frame of mind. Earlier in the day, she tweeted, “Goodbye to Perth! Thanku for amazing hospitality… v disappointing result for the Stars but great to spend time in another Aus city… Lots of thanks to the WACA for being so nice. We were looked after beautifully”.