Major Peake, 41, will complete a lengthy stay in Earth’s orbit and following the example of Canadian Commander Hadfield, he’ll be tweeting to followers on Terra Firma about his daily life at zero gravity.

However, unlike the Canadian, Peake won’t be creating any music videos.

“I do play the guitar – very badly – and I wouldn’t inflict my singing on anyone.” he told press at London’s Science Museum.
The former army helicopter, the first man from the UK to take on a solo mission not part of a foreign programme said “Chris Hadfield has done a fantastic job and I don’t think I would be able to top his tweeting.

“I certainly will be tweeting from space, a large part of what I want to achieve on this mission is to try to inspire a generation and encourage them to continue to support space flight and microgravity research.”

Peake will spend 6 months “I’m absolutely delighted by the decision,” he told reporters, “It really is a tremendous privilege to be assigned to a long-duration mission to the ISS [International Space Station].”

As part of his process to get prepared for the cramped conditions onbaord the space station, Peake has spent a week living in a cave in Sardinia with other training astronauts.

Britain is the third largest contributor to the European Space Agency, with contributions of £240m a year.