About as appetising as Miley Cyrus’s sledgehammer if you ask us, but an actual thing that is about to wrap up right now on eBay. Click here to get involved

Herefordshire’s Dan Allam, a magician, couldn’t bring himself to waste ‘five unwanted Christmas Brussels Sprouts’, so he’s put them up for sale. 

By 12pm, they’ll have a new home and at midnight the bid was up to £26 – a bit lame considering last year he sold two of the green buggers for £99. 

Proceeds from the sale go to the Make A Wish Foundation – the same guys who did the BatKid stunt this year – and Dan leaves nothing up for misinterpretation with the product listed as ‘used’. 

In his auction details it says: “These beauties somehow managed to survive the annual messy onslaught that is ‘Xmas Dinner’ and are now looking for a new home as, frankly, I’m sick of the sight of them.”

Fair enough too.  

%TNT Magazine% brussels sprouts

“They have been well looked after during their time in my household, having their stalks carefully scored with an ‘X’ before being boiled in salted fresh water and served up alongside their traditional parsnip, red cabbage and roast potato vegetable companions.”

Sounds OK. 

“They come from a pet and smoke present home, so don’t expect them to smell nice, they’re sprouts after all.

“The winning bidder will be given the option to have the sprouts washed prior to them being posted (yes, I intend on posting them) but this is entirely at the buyers discretion.”

We also highly recommend you check out the comments section of the listing – no question is too stupid. 

Images via eBay/ alakadanmagic.wix.com