Ramjit Raghav, from Haryana, northern India, had his first son Karaminit at the grand old age of 94. That’s remarkable enough, you may think, but the old chap has only managed to do it again. At age 96!

His wife is nearly half his age, at 54 she is also exceptionally fertile for her age.

“What can I do? This is all God’s wish,” said Raghav. “He wanted me to have another son.”

Apparently the locals and doctors at a nearby hospital, where his wife Shakuntala was in labour, all had a laugh at Raghav’s expense.  They all l thought he was joking when he said he was the father.

“They just laughed but they were very surprised,” he said.

Raghav also has an unusually high sex drive for his age, he explained to reporters that he still has sex three times a night and that sex, no matter what your age, is important for a healthy relationship.

“I think it’s very important for a husband and wife to have sex regularly and when she asks I will go on all night,” said Raghav, explaining that his neighbours are very jealous.

He reckons milk, butter and almonds are the key to a sky high sex drive.

Ramjit  and his wife Shakuntala fell in love 22 years. “He doesn’t seem old to me,” said Shakuntala. “He can make love like any 25-year-old man, even better because he can go on all night, and he makes a wonderful father.”

Picture: YouTube