A Marks and Spencer customer was sent a picture of a smiley dinosaur after being charged the wrong price for a sandwich; a genius piece of PR from the clothes and food giant.

Bill Bennett wrote to M&S demanding a refund after he was overcharged £1.10 for a salmon sandwich. In his letter, the disgruntled customer said that all would be forgiven if he received a hand-drawn picture of a smiling dinosaur.

Bennett received a £5 voucher as compensation, but also the requested piece of artwork.

Along with the Picasso-esque sketch, seen below in all its glory, a note from the M&S customer service representative Steve Jones read: “Please also find a picture of a smiling dinosaur, hand drawn.

“Unfortunately art was never my strong point, but I hope you will appreciate it.”

Smiley Dinosaur picture by M&S

Bennett, who bought the sandwich at a shop in Taunton, was so delighted with his picture, he posted it on his website – Loony Letters – where the story has rapidly gone viral.

The site has been flooded with approving comments.

“This is not just a smiley dinosaur, this is an M&S hand drawn smiley dinosaur. How do we nominate Steve Jones for a customer service award?” wrote one person.

“Excellent dinosaur – well done Steve,” said another.

Bennett himself revealed: "I'm a bit of a prankster and write to companies asking weird, random questions. I can't believe M&S actually came up with the goods. It's awesome – the best customer service I've ever seen.”

Other letters on Bennett’s website are to Ann Summers, easyJet and McDonalds.

In a letter to Gillette, Bennett writes:

“I think you should make a razor with 718 blades! Yes, it’ll be amazing! You could call it the Gillette Mr. Super-Choppy! It’ll be great – just think, you could shave your face in one go with it.

“If you would like to proceed with manufacturing the Mr. Super-Choppy, please send me an advance of £250 million.”

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