Andrew Parsons returned home from work last July to find his pet cat Suzie had been placed in the microwave by Paul Henry, a friend he had allowed to stay in his home, and cooked to death.

Henry had then scrawled on the wall ‘Menu: Fried Cat £1.20”. 

Parsons has left his home at 4.30pm on July 26 last year to go to work but returned at 9pm to find his TV smashed, a light fitting pulled down and the remains of his cat in the microwave. 

“I was sickened, distraught, I could not believe it,” Mr Parsons told Lincoln Magistrates Court. 

District Judge Andrew Parsons passed the maximum sentence for the crime saying that the cat “was killed in the most brutal and sadistic way,” and that he could not think of “a worse case of animal cruelty.”

Photo: Media Lincs