A man licking his shoe on a  New York subway has proved a Youtube hit, with the video being watched more than 84,000 times in the last three days.

The video shows a man enjoying a frenzied shoe-licking session as bemused subway passengers look on.

Perhaps even funnier than the man licking his shoe however, is the complete disregard paid to his antics by the man sitting next to him who barely bats a wearing New York eyelid.

Watch the man licking his shoes here.


The shoe-licking incident was apparently filmed by a New Yorker on May 11. It was posted to Youtube with a poem which includes the lines:

“So, I proceeded to follow his eye’s path and was amazed at what I saw.

There it was, in plain sight, was a man sitting quietly next to the middle door.

Ferociously polishing his Sunday’s best, like nothing was wrong.

Dumbfounded when he took off his shoes and began washing it with his tongue.”

Youtube users have chipped in with their opinions on the New York shoe licker.

“This is a mental thing can’t remember the name of it but Jeremy Kyle has the same thing it’s where you want to lick things clean,” cruellordsoth informs.

While MegamartNL wonders: “Why did take them off? It’s way cooler if he licked them while he’s wearing them.”