The Queen will be protected by more than 100 armed British police during her state visit to Dublin tomorrow.

8000 Irish police and 2,000 troops will be also deployed as the queen becomes the first British monarch to visit the Ireland since King George V visited in 1911. Back then the whole of Ireland was still part of the United Kingdom.

Republican terrorists have pledged to disrupt the tour, seen by many as controversial, while republican group Eirigi are planning to occupy the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin, the memorial to Irish people killed in the struggle for independence, where the Queen is due to lay a wreath.

The city centre will be turned into a car-free zone to prevent the possibility of car bombs.

Police in London are also on high alert after they received a bomb threat for central London from Irish republican paramilitaries.

The bomb warning was the first serious threat to Britain since 2001.

”A bomb threat warning has been received relating to central London today. The threat is not specific in relation to location or time,” a Scotland Yard spokesman said yesterday.

”We believe the threat is in connection with dissident republican terrorism.”

London bomb threat closes the mall