Jeffrey Giuliano, a fifth-grade teacher in New Fairfield, Connecticut, grabbed a gun and went next door when called by his neighbour, who was alone and believed someone was breaking into her home.

He confronted a person, who wearing a black ski mask and black clothes.

When the masked man lunged at him with a weapon, Giuliano shot his gun in self-defence.

The body was soon identified as 15-year-old Tyler Giuliano, Jeffrey’s son, who died at the scene.

Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance said police are looking to determine if the gun, which inflicted the fatal wound, was registered.

“All in all it’s a tragedy,” Vance says.

School superintendent Alicia Roy sent parents an email regarding the incident.

“Our district has experienced a tragedy that has affected us deeply,” she wrote.

Jeffrey Giuliano has not been charged.