Aidan Folan has been arrested and charged with carrying out an attack on the New York subway last month in which he mugged another passenger.

The incident was captured on CCTV though, with the assailant clearly wearing a fraternity hoody that identified where they could be found and what their pledge name was. Epic fail!

The police had footage of the incident which occurred on March  9 month, but only released it this week.

It immediately spread across the internet with cyber detectives at Gawker and other sites picking up the case, with an anonymous observer identifying the 21-year old graduate as the prime suspect.

The man in the mugging footage can be seen to be wearing a purple bracelet and a hoody with the Greek letters Alpha Phi Delta on. In a photo from earlier in the evening on which the mugging took place, Folan can be seen to be wearing a hoody with the same letters, and a purple bracelet.

A day after the footage was released, the cops came knocking on Folan’s door in Brooklyn and he was subsequently charged.