The Manchester City striker, who had an onfield bust up with teammate Kolarov during City’s 3-3 draw with Sunderland at the weekend, may now be interviewed by police after two teenage girls claim he sprayed them with a fire extinguisher at the conclusion of a gig by Balotelli’s new pal, Drake.

The 16- and 17-year-olds allege they were left “soaked from head to toe” in front of their friends after they went to ask for a photo with him.

 “It was really embarrassing. We were left dripping wet.Balotelli and his mates were laughing at us,” one of the girls said.

Balotelli, 21, spent the weekend hanging out with rapper Drake. He invited him to City’s 3-3 draw with Sunderland — where the striker scored twice — then took him for a curry.

 “He’s an amazing football player,” Drake told 15,000 fans at his Sunday gig.

Both Man City and the venue dispute the girls’ story, with the arena saying: “There were no issues with the player.”

In direct contrast to that, to the allegations, Balotelli has been hailed as a Good Samaritan after a CCTV clip was posted online of him apparently helping to revive an unconscious man on a visit to his old club Inter Milan.

When Balotelli first walks up on the man, he talks to him a bit, then goes back inside to bring him some water. The man drinks it, allows Balotelli to help him up, and then the two walk off with their arms around each other.

Occasionally he is a fool, sometimes he is a genius,” teammate Nigel De Jong told NUsport .

“He has two sides. Many people expect a crazy stunt of him.

“This lives in him – ‘I must do something, I must do something’. Some people just need that buzz to perform.

Is the good samaritan act real? Decide for yourself: