If the Euro collapses, David Cameron says Britain will shut its borders.

He has the power to make use of extraordinary legal measures to close the doors to European migrants who immigration officers cannot usually prevent coming to Britain. 

The Prime Minister said he is prepared to ban refugees from Greece and other failing economies if the Euro strength fails.

The PM revealed at the Commons liaison committee the government’s contingency plans for the collapse of the single currency.

He pledged to do “whatever it takes” to protect the UK from the aftermath of economic collapse and banking crisis.

Cameron said, ‘The legal position is that if there are extraordinary stresses and strains it is possible to take action to restrict migration flows. But obviously we hope that does not happen.’

When questioned about boarder restrictions against troubled states such as Greece, he said, ‘I would be prepared to do whatever it takes to keep our country safe, to keep our banking system strong, to keep our economy robust.

‘At the end of the day as Prime Minister that is your personal and moral duty.

‘I hope it wouldn’t come to that but as I understand it the legal powers are available if there are particular stresses and strains.

‘You have to plan, you have to have contingencies, you have to be ready for anything with so much uncertainty in our world.’

Home Secretary Theresa May and Foreign Secretary William Hague previously refused to comment on boarder control.

The PM’s planning has suggested he is seriously concerned that the Eurozone might collapse.

Later this week Greece is expected to publish alarming new data on the precarious state of their economy.

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