Here’s a flavour of the audience you’ll be reaching:

Young, active and passionate about travel:

  • 75% are under 30
  • 80% list travel as no 1 reason for coming to the UK
  • 91% will take a holiday within the next 3 months
  • 77% are interested in adventure tours

View TNT as an authority on travel

  • 93% use TNT to obtain travel information
  • 83% say TNT offers great travel advice
  • Two-thirds consider TNT an important tool for planning travel

Rely on online media for travel choices:

  • 93% read online reviews/recommendations when researching travel
  • 90% prefer researching travel using online search and comparison sites

Like the personal touch

  • 66% base their tour choice on recommendations from family, friends and other travellers
  • Prefer to book tour directly with the tour operator.

*source: TNT reader survey, May 2009 and bugbitten online survey August 2009.