The former X Factor Australia judge has come under fire for telling eliminated dancer and former Miss Australia, Eric McNaught, to go and ‘get wasted’ after the show, and has subsequently had a whole host of viewers complaining about her style on Twitter.

One wrote: “Risking disapproval here, but honestly, Mel is awful to watch on Dancing with the Stars. She’s classless and offers nothing.”

Another added: “When Mel B comes on my television I want to throw my TV out the window! Why did they break Australian television like that?”

But the former Spice Girl insists she isn’t fazed by the feedback.

She told Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper: “People are always going to say something. I don’t care, I’m getting my pay cheque and I get to do my live show and I’m loving it.

“I get to wear gowns every week which is nice and I’m here to get the job done.

“It’s only the second week and I’m always a bit nervous. I don’t mind a bit of nerves, it keeps me on my toes. It’s live television and you saw we had some classic clangers and everyone loved it.”

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