Flight comparison site Skyscanner questioned more than 1000 airline passengers to find out which section of the aircraft they preferred, and whether they plumped for middle, aisle or window seats.

The best seat in the house? That would be 6A, apparently.

Skyscanner travel editor Sam Baldwin said: “Our poll shows that travellers are very particular about where they sit, with most people heading towards the front of the aircraft on the left hand side.

“The most popular seat, 6A, is well positioned for those wanting to disembark the aircraft quickly without being too close to the hustle and bustle of the front toilets.”

Skyscanner also discovered the seat to avoid – 31E, a middle seat near the back of the plane.

Baldwin explained: “It’s an awkward middle seat, towards the rear of the aircraft which is neither close to the exit doors or the toilets.”

He joked that he hoped budget airlines didn’t find out about demand for 6A – otherwise they might “start charging a premium for it!”