A group of travellers ‘play Melbourne’ as they follow quirky directions and explore some of the more unusual locations and shows off the character of the city – running, flirting, sloshing back cocktails and fancy cakes and going out clubbing along the way.

The ad takes in cool Melbourne locations like the Spice Market on Drewery Lane, the impressive State Library of Victoria and various boutiques, with a soundtrack is provided by US singer songwriter Sarah Jaffe.

Louise Asher of the Victorian Minister for Tourism said that “…the campaign is effectively achieving what it set out to do, which is spark renewed curiosity in Melbourne experiences and destinations.”

Watch the ad below and see what you think….

The official video description reads ‘Melbourne is a creative, exciting, ever-changing city with extraordinary surprises to be discovered across every basement, rooftop and laneway. You just have to be curious enough to venture off the beaten path. The more curious you are, the more enjoyment you will find. The possibilities are endless…’

Tourism figures seem to show the campaign has been a success – this year Melbourne has attracted over 600,000 more domestic overnight visitors than Sydney.