A bleeding boy, injured in the London riots, was helped to his feet before being robbed in Hackney, in a shocking scene captured on film.

The video, uploaded to Youtube, shows the teenager lying on the ground spitting blood.

A gang of youths surround him and one of them helps the bleeding boy to his feet. At first, the man appears to be comforting him but another member of the groups begins rifling through his backpack.

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The boy turns around but members of the group are already walking off with items from his bag, some of which they throw casually to the ground.

London rioters help, then rob, injured boy


 It is not known who the boy is and whether he reported the robbery to police or even sought medical assistance for his injuries, sustained in the riots.

Commentators on Youtube are outraged.

“disgusting, these scumbags should be shot dead on the spot, seriously-who would grieve for them?” wrote texaspete66.

“No matter why it's happening, Britain, say goodbye to your tourism industry including that little sports soirée planned for next summer. Three days of rioting in multiple cities and counting? Why weren't the cell towers shut off? Why did it take until a 3rd night of riots to bring APCs which apparently were efficient. London police, don't stop arresting thugs. These fools were looting sporting goods stores? What were they, bored with the groceries mummy buys them?” says kgpfraser.