The men were armed with knives and were threatening self harm, police said.

The men had applied for residency visas and alighted to the roof of their government-owned house in order to be recognized by authorities.

They were on the roof for three hours on Thursday and came down without incident.

‘They had some issues that they wanted to present to the police,’ said Victoria Police Acting Senior Sergeant Dean Delle-Vergini.

‘We listened to those issues. We had negotiators on scene. The area was cordoned off for the safety of the community.

‘The males gave up one of the knives they had, and with further negotiation with the assistance of an interpreter they gave up the final knife and then gave themselves up.’

During this time, police were heavily armed and surrounded the house. Delle-Vergini denies the police over-reacted.

The only injury of the incident occurred when a fourth man tried to coax the three knife-wilding men off the roof. He fell and hurt his arm and was taken to a hospital.