After a night out in Auckland during the band’s New Zealand tour, Styles tried to take the girls back to the £1,000-a-night Langham Hotel.

But his management wouldn’t let the girls – Victoria’s Secret model Emma Ostilly and an unnamed friend – get past the lobby, escorting them both away at 3am.

Harry, 18, was spotted being chauffeured to the city’s clubs with the two girls.

An onlooker said: “The van pulled over suddenly, and Harry jumped out and was swinging on the door, standing in the road and shouting.

“Then, around the corner, the doors on both sides were being opened even as they drove along. It was nuts.

“When they got out and walked a few minutes later, Harry’s minder was wrestling with him. Obviously, it was an uneven contest and good humoured – but Harry was a real handful.”

Styles and 18-year-old Ostilly have previously been linked, and she deleted her Twitter page last night after receiving abusive messages from die-hard fans.

The pair met while One Direction were filming Gotta Be You, but some fans didn’t take too kindly to her, labelling her a “bitch whore” who deserved to “die in a hole”.

Obsessed fans justify targeting her because they say she is cheating on her boyfriend, US sailor Sean Gallagher.

The model recently apologised to neighbours after walking around her house starkers in full view.