In his testimony, he said that he endured a similar pain to that suffered by the families of his victims, as he lost touch with his own friends and family after his attacks on July 22.

“The only difference was that for my part it was a choice,” he said.

The 33-year-old right-wing extremist also called his killing spree “necessary.”  He has confessed to the bombing of a government building and the shooting spree at a Labour youth camp, but rejects criminal guilt.

He said it was not his intention to kill civilians, and that his victims had betrayed their country with their political beliefs.

When asked by the prosecution if he would like to apologise to the families of the victims, he declined.

“No I don’t,” he said. “Utoya is a political indoctrination camp.”

“I see all multicultural political activists as monsters, as evil monsters who wish to eradicate our people, our ethnic group, our culture and our country.”

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