The 41-year-old model was met by cops at Luton airport after airline staff claimed she had been disruptive on her flight from the Turkish resort of Bodrum, where she had been celebrating her actress pal Sadie Frost’s forthcoming 50th birthday.

Moss’s behaviour allegedly prompted the pilot to radio for police to meet the flight, but fellow passengers later defended the model – with one telling The Guardian that the only trouble stemmed from “grumpy” cabin crew.

“I think Easyjet must have seen a lot worse,” said the passenger. “You would have thought to have the police called for a passenger’s disruptive behaviour you would see someone running up and down, or shouting, or endangering the plane, but there was none of that at all. It was very unnecessary to call the police.”

Another witness said Moss – who was not arrested or charged – had been involved in a row with a fellow passenger. “She called the pilot ‘a basic bitch’ as police led her off the plane,” the witness told MailOnline. “She had a disagreement with another passenger on the flight as she was refused alcohol and then went to serve her own vodka from her cabin luggage. But she was not aggressive to anyone and was funny really. The crew were acting out of proportion.”

The witness said Moss’s party had been sitting in different areas of the plane. Easyjet confirmed only that police had met flight EZY2232 from Bodrum to London Luton “due to the behaviour of a passenger on board.”

It is not the first time Moss has flown Easyjet – although it remains to be seen whether it will be the last. In 2014 it was claimed that she played the ‘Do you know who I am?’ card to blag her way on to a flight from Bodrum to Gatwick.