Netherlands police announced that a robbery had taken place at the Kunsthal Museum in the early hours of Tuesday morning with a total of seven extremely valuable artworks taken worth millions of pounds. It is already being called one of the biggest art heists in history.

One of the paintings was Monet’s Waterloo Bridge (pictured) as well as Tete d’Arlequin by Picasso.

A statement from Dutch police read “An initial investigation suggests that the robbery was well prepared.” Alarms went off, but police arrived too late to catch the theives.

The robbery coincided with the Triton Foundation’s exhibition of Avant-Garde work which celebrated the foundation’s 20th anniversary.

“Somehow the people responsible for this found a way in and a way out and they found time to take seven paintings. So that’s something that is part of our investigation right now.” Roland Ekkers, a spokesman for Rotterdam Police told The Daily Mail.