Money News: Surgeons and scalpels

❚ The Hills actress Heidi Montag became famously obsessed with cosmetic surgery in 2009, undergoing everything from a neck liposuction to a buttock augmentation worth £19k.

❚ Janice Dickenson was once labelled as ‘the first supermodel’ but that all went to pot after she got cosmetically tweaked to the tune of £130,000.

❚ Jocelyn Wildenstein, a wealthy socialite, blew nearly £2m on surgery that helped her achieve nothing more than notoriety for looking like a cat caught in a wind tunnel.

❚ Puffy-faced Pete Burns, frontman of 80s band Dead Or Alive, has had the whole gamut of procedures, including scores of Botox injections at £400 a pop.

Save Money: Best Deals in London

Take a sandwich to work if you’re dreaming of a sunny holiday before winter. Monarch Airlines has launched a new ‘Happy Hour Service’, which is timed around lunchtimes and offers desk-bound workers flights for as little as £18.99 to places such as Spain and Greece.

Saving money through recycling is a laudable goal you can achieve by visiting Join a group in your area and find goods people are giving away for free. Alternatively, give away stuff you no longer need.

If you are shopping online, and presented with the opportunity to input a code upon checkout, open up a new tab and search to see if it is listed on discount code websites, such as, or They offer anything from free delivery to percentage reductions to cheap prices.

How You Spend It!

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Maria Pavlides, 25
Job Secondary school teacher
From London
Lives Barnet

How do you budget?
A lump of my salary goes into my savings account every month and the rest is for spending and travel. I try not to dip into my savings too often because I’m desperately trying to save for a house deposit.

Any money-saving tips?
Keep an eye out at Boots for when there is a deal on your favourite toiletries and stock up like it’s harvest time. Also, put your savings in high-interest accounts and make free money if you can.

Last big blow-out?
A trip to New York in May. I went for less than a week and spent more than I did on a two-week trip to Greece in August!

What non-essential items do you spend money on?
Alcohol and Bobbi Brown make-up.