Money News: Sailing

❚ Earlier this year, the mega-flush P Diddy stayed on an $850,000 (£550,126)-a-week superyacht that can be controlled by iPad.

❚ Russian oligarch, Roman Abramovich’s extravagant 533ft yacht, Eclipse, has its own missile defence system and escape submarine. It’s the biggest private yacht in the world and set him back a cool £750m.

❚ The most expensive yacht ever built – owned by a Malaysian businessman – cost £3bn. That tidy sum included gold-plated surfaces and a statue made from T-rex bone. Lavish.

❚ S&M singer Rihanna spent her summer flouncing around in a very bright cut-out swimming costume on a £200,000-a-week yacht in the French Riviera.

Save Money: Best Deals in London

Instead of risking a lost credit card abroad, pick up a prepaid CashCase Travelcard. It lets you switch between pounds, euros and US dollars at the same exchange rate as when you left home (handy in these economic times). Plus, the card comes with retail discounts and lets you transfer money to it via mobile.

Throughout October 10-16, Wahanda will be offering 2-for-1 offers on loads of health and beauty buys including spa days and breaks, facials, fish pedicures, teeth whitening, dermal fillers and haircuts. There are even 2-for-1 colonics – if you and a friend are so inclined. (

Missing Orange Wednesdays? Now Orange customers can now download themselves a different dirt-cheap movie every Thursday, by texting FILMTOGO to 85060. And you get a whole 30 days to watch it.

How You Spend It!

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Juliette Collier, 25
Job Graphic designer
From Harrow
Lives Golders Green

How do you budget?
I would love to say that I keep a spreadsheet and I’m very organised … well, I have one set up but it’s just remembering! I do keep receipts and go through them to keep track. This is essential, especially on nights out where I seem to think I’m minted!

Any money-saving tips?
If I can, I try to put a small amount of money away into a savings account every month and I try to ignore the fact it’s there! This helps the saving side of things. Otherwise there are always things like the Tastecard and Groupon which always seem to give great deals!

Last big blow-out?
Tickets to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

What non-essential items do you spend money on?
Clothes, iTunes, gigs, and Skips (the crisps)!