Computer hackers have made death threats to Tory MP Louise Mensch, against her children.

The 40-year-old mum of three spoke out on Twitter about the threats, which she received via email, saying she had contacted the police.

Mensch believes the threats came from supporters of hacking group Anonymous and LulzSec.

The Corby MP and chick-lit author, who was on a family holiday in New York, said yesterday that “morons and losers” could not intimidate her, telling the hackers to “get stuffed”.

She is believed to have been a target for angry hackers after she backed calls to close Twitter and Facebook if there was any further rioting.

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She tweeted to her nearly 38,000 followers: “Had some morons from Anonymous/LulzSec threaten my children via email.”

Then: "Oh and I'm posting it on Twitter because they threatened me, telling me to get off Twitter. Hi kids! ::waves::”

“To those who sent it; get stuffed, losers.

“I've contacted the police via the House of Commons and the email is with them now. I don't bully easily, kids. Or in fact at all."

She also said she received a phone call “just endlessly playing music”.

Mensch said she had been speaking to the Commons and police all night. She said she had been advised not to release the email until the inquiry is closed.

But she quoted a chilling message she received from a user calling themselves @WobertWedford that said “THEY say one kid WILL die… and that kid WILL die!”

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said last night: "We can confirm the Met has received an email this morning making allegations of malicious communications."