Jamie Oliver was the original “Naked Chef” but Nigella Lawson has made a grab for his crown after unwittingly revealing herself au naturel to her neighbours.

Neighbours complained after renovations to the domestic goddess’s £12m seven-bedroom mansion, which she shares with her art collector hubby Charles Saatchi, failed to provide a frosted bathroom window to preserve Ms Lawson’s  modesty.

The luxurious new bathroom reportedly opens onto a "loggia", an open-air gallery on one of the upper floors.

“It isn’t a case of deliberately looking in, but there is a view into the bathroom and anyone glancing in the direction of the loggia from nearby can glimpse what’s going on,” a source told the Daily Mail.

Lawson, renowned for her seductive approach to TV cookery, reportedly "hooted with laughter" when told about her neighbours' sightings.

"I had no idea we were overlooked," she told the tabloid. "Obviously, I will investigate."

Her cookery shows, books and kitchenware range have made her a multi-millionaire.

Earlier this year Lawson was altogether less revealing when she was sighted on a Sydney beach wearing a head-to-toe "burkini".