The mad-capped Gaga has been in the papers again this week speaking about how there were many who sought to take advantage of her in her formative years (this was probably before she went about with meat draped all over her body and people began to cross the street).

She did avoid their nefarious influences though and strode her own path to become one of this generation’s finest, most original and compelling pop acts. Former pretenders to the throne such as Britney and Christina just look pale and bland by comparison. 

She’ll be stopping off at London’s best intimate big venue, The O2, for three nights with her artRave tour so expect hits, costume changes and an-off-the wall show-boating performance that’ll blow your mind. But probably not any more meat. Gets sweaty under those steak dresses, it does! 

When: October 23, 25 & 26 /  7pm
Where: The O2, SE10 0DX
Cost: £35+
Tube: North Greenwich