When I went to Germany last summer I had one of the most amazing summer’s ever. With the wide range of site seeing, to the wild nightlife everything about Germany is of the highest quality.

One of my favourite moments of the whole summer was one Friday evening that made the whole trip worth while was the visit to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin at late night. It was packed out with an amazing atmosphere, and after admiring the amazing monument everyone went on to the lively night life in the centre of Berlin. These sort of evenings seem to be a popular and an frequent event on Friday and Saturday evenings in Berlin and I can’t recommend enough spending time to see the amazing monuments and then go on to experiance the nightlife.

The nightlife in Berlin and places that I recommend if in Berlin are clubs such as Pacha, 2BE-Club and Der Cascade. All of these are around the centre of Berlin and are very accessible. Friday and Saturday evenings are the best nights to go, but during the week can still be busy and just as enjoyable.

The site seeing around Germany and Berlin in particular is extraordinary; with such a massive history there is plenty to show for it and monuments such as the Olympic Stadium, Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall. With many others it can take weeks to see all of the extraordinary museums and monuments throughout Germany but they are all very worth while.

I can’t recommend Germany enough and would encourage anyone who is considering going there to visit Berlin as I feel there is so much to see and do. The fantastic combination of site seeing during the day with the wild nightlife in the evening guarantees that there is something there for everyone.