The Prime Minister suspended her from the Tory party yesterday after it was revealed that she will be away from her constituents for a month to compete in the Australian jungle.

A Conservative spokesman last night said Chief Whip Sir George Young wanted “an urgent meeting” with Ms Dorries, who earns £65,000 a year as an MP.

However, party officials discovered that she was “uncontactable” reports The Sun. Dorries is currently unaware of her suspension, as she is isolated in a Queensland hotel, to stop her learning the identity of fellow contestants before the show starts on Friday.

It is likely she will find out tomorrow as she has a series of pre-show interviews with journalists. Ms Dorries also faces deselection by her local party in Mid Bedfordshire — who say she misled them by saying she was filming a documentary.

Some Tories were glad to see the back of Ms Dorries, who is a severe critic of Davi Cameron. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said: “I will be voting to keep her in as long as possible.”

 Image via You Tube