The bus driver in question obviously didn’t have a lot of time on his hands before he started his shift so had to make some time for himself while driving. According to the driver was transporting passengers to the city’s Changi International Airport when he began blithely giving himself a mini-manicure.

Unfortunately the bus captain’s immaculate presentation and this obvious multitasking skills didn’t made a great impression with his bosses. A spokesman for SMRT stated that the bus captain had been dismissed immediately after the incident was investigated.

“We have investigated the incident and have taken appropriate disciplinary action against the bus captain. He was dismissed immediately,” a spokesperson for the state-linked transport operator told AFP

Although the man’s career in driving may be completely over now, he has certainly had his 29 seconds of cyber-fame. A video uploaded on a Facebook page called SG Share showed the man resting his left hand on the steering wheel whilst trimming the nails with a clipper held in his right hand.

The video then sees him show off his nails along with his  ‘driving-with-no-hands’ skill by momentarily lifting his left hand from the steering wheel to examine just what a fine job he had done.

Despite the fact that this former bus captain isn’t likely to get a glowing reference from the higher-ups at SMRT he is at least free now to seek out his next calling as a creative nail artist. 

Image: Thinkstock