Talk about being on a roll. 

63-year-old Larry Collum was arrested over the weekend in the town of Greenwood, South Carolina after police pulled him over because he was driving his SUV ‘very slowly’. Well, that wasn’t the only reason – he also had well known village bicycle, Rhonda Kelley sitting in the passenger seat. 

At first Collum protested his innocence, claiming (according to the Huffington Post) that he was just giving the 41-year-old career prostitute a ‘lift home’. The police didn’t exactly have to break out the truth serum before Collum cracked though, allegedly admitting to having sex with the prostitute in exchange for a roll of quarters worth approximately $10. 

The expression ‘you get what you pay for’ sort of springs to mind at this point. 

In a scene which must have been faintly comical (for the arresting officers at least) police then searched Kelley for the roll of coins, which they found. Kelley also at first denied the, um, romp but on the weight of evidence was charged anyway. 

Collum and Kelley were both escorted to a local police station where the 63-year-old man tried to play the pity card. He told officers that he’d been forced to solicit a prostitute because his wife had been “in a nursing home for 13 years” and claimed that he had made a “serious error in judgement”. 

Yes, quite. 

Collum was not only formally charged with soliciting a prostitute, he was also apparently driving his car with a suspended licence and copped a fine for that as well.

Rhonda? Well, it doesn’t really say what happened to Rhonda, which is a shame really. 

Image: Getty