Other Lives, Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London

Stillwater, Oklahoma, is the hometown of Other Lives, fronted by the gifted singer/composer and multi-instrumentalist, Jesse Tabish. Other Lives arguably pick up where Fleet Foxes first album left off, and the term “chamber-pop” readily springs to mind on first listen. But Other Lives’s music has many more dimensions than that, invoking everything from Philip Glass’s dazzling minimalism to Morricone’s dark epic sweep. The band’s first single, For 12, has already caught the ears of Thom Yorke and Bad Seed Jim Sclavunos and their debut LP, Tamer Animals, is out Aug 29.

The Critics say: “Bittersweet and exquisitely orchestrated folk-pop.” Uncut

Hoxton Bar & Kitchen
N1 6NU

Tube: Old St.
Tue, Aug 30. £8.50.