An audience saw a little more than they’d expected when a pair of dancers on Argentina’s version of Dancing with the Stars decided to get naked.

Model and reality star Cinthia Fernandez and her partner Marcelo Tinelli’s saucy Roman-inspired performance saw the pair writhing on the floor, stripping off each other’s clothes and grinding until they were completely starkers.

Fernandez’s parents were said to be sitting in the front row of the show, which has sparked controversy in Argentina.

The routine, aired on Monday night’s showing of Bailando por un Sueño, caused a stir among critics, who were shocked by how X-rated the performance was.

The stars begin in skimpy togas, then they rip more and more items of clothing off before they reveal Fernandez’s gold-painted boobs and Tinelli pours red wine over her.

By the end, the Fernandez is completely naked and the show’s presenter shoots a priceless look of shock into the camera.

He had been lying down on the floor, inches from the couple, and getting into the routine, but as it gets raunchier, he looks more shocked.

During filming he tried to cover one camera with his hand, but there were others that caught the whole performance.

This isn’t the first time the show has seen a racy performance – last year a dancer bared her breasts – but this was the first episode of full-on nudity.

The video went viral, with over 10,000 views on YouTube within a few hours, before it was removed. But we found another one.

You definitely wouldn’t get this on Strictly Come Dancing. Check it out here: