Getting There


The Hosea Kutako International Airport is 40 kilometres from the Namibian capital Windhoek. It is serviced by the national airline Air Namibia directly from Frankfurt as well as LTU from Duesseldorf and Munich.

Lufthansa, SAA, KLM, Swiss Airlines and British Airways flies via Johannesburg or Cape Town only. Although it increases the travel time with two hours, the ticket could come with a reduced price.


Driving from South Africa to Namibia is also popular. Use the N7 national road that crosses the Orange River border at Vioolsdrif.

Getting Around

Forget about public transport. In practical terms it is non-existent. Rather rent a car. But do drive carefully and not too fast because although the roads are generally well maintained, they are mostly gravel or sand. Some are arched towards the middle.

Inexperienced drivers could get too far to the edge and then turn the steering wheel abruptly, which could cause the vehicle to overturn.