Since its launch from Cape Canaveral in November and subsequent eight-month journey through space, the £1.6bn robotic explorer has been drilling and roaming Mars’s surface for one (Earth) year. 

Curiosity is the fourth such rover of its kind, and it has collected some very telling samples. NASA recently announced that based on the recent findings, life could not have existed on Mars. Curiosity is currently making a many-month journey towards its primary mission destination of Mount Sharp, reports Fast Company. 

Its first goal to find “evidence for an ancient wet environment that had conditions favourable for microbial life” has already been accomplished. The 2-minute time-lapse video, created by combining the 548 images shot by the Curiosity front “Hazard-Avoidance Camera,” chronicles its adventures on the red surface.

The scenes include it collecting its first scoops of Martian soil and collecting a drilled sample from inside Martian rock. 

Image via Getty