The Te Araroa trail is a whopper – after all, it means ‘The Long Pathway’ in Maori, and stretches across the entire country. From Cape Reinga to Bluff, a distance of about 3,000 kms, in which you’ll find the coast, alpine ridges and jungles. Not to mention the odd volcano here and there.

Hiker and filmmaker Dan Ransom nominated the trail, namely for the variety that it holds.

“The trail tromps over the slopes of the active Tongariro volcano and even runs through the metropolis of Auckland.” he said.

“Add to all that natural wonder a well-organized system of volunteers and caretakers spearheaded by the Te Araroa Trust, and you indeed have one of the best places for a long walk on the planet.”

The New Zealand trail was completed in 2011, and is well worth a look if you’ve got a spare two or three months going.