Working for yourself definitely suits a lot of people who have found that flexible timetabling and an ability to pick and choose projects makes for a happy working life. So let’s take a look at what the capital has to offer and why becoming a freelancer could be the best career decision you ever make.

Coffee shops

Make use of the extensive coffee shops London has to offer so you can combine work and pleasure. London is home to some of the greatest coffee enthusiasts in the world. Proud of their claim to be in one of the world’s greatest capitals, Londoners have made their pursuit of the greatest cup of coffee a work of art. Sipping on an expertly prepared flat white while working on your project has got to be a major perk of working in London.

WiFi Everywhere

London has some of the best WiFi coverage in the world, which means that you can get down to work in some of the coolest locations London has to offer. The British Library, The Southbank Centre and even the tube all have free WiFi, so there’s even the opportunity to get your work done on the way between pubs on a Saturday night!

Flexible work

If you’re freelancing in London, you have the opportunity to see London at all times of the day, even those when most people are at work. This means that you can frequent museums, food courts and even go shopping without the threat of a crowd disrupting your enjoyment of this fine city.

No commute

This has got to be one of the best perks of freelancing in London. You don’t need to spend each morning squeezing into the space under someone’s armpit just so you can fit onto a tube train and get to work on time. You can say goodbye to that dreaded commute – simply roll out of bed, make yourself coffee and continue with your projects. The extra hour and a half of your day can now be spent on extra work or extra time in bed!

More business opportunities

London is a global city, so much of the world’s business is completed right here in the big smoke. By freelancing in London, you are opening yourself up to more opportunities with bigger clients. You could meet the right people anywhere. Even just eating and drinking in London bars could bring up networking opportunities freelancers in other cities would kill for. That means going to the pub could be part of your work!

Office share and hot desking

If you’re the type of freelancer that finds it difficult to work from home, you’ll be pleased by all of the opportunities for hot desking that are out there. For a relatively small fee you can get an annual membership to a prestigious corporate company working space that will wow any potential client and provide a perfect working environment for you to get your head stuck into your projects.

If we’ve whet your appetite on freelancing, visit Contractor Financials for more information.